Buzaker Law firm specializes in business contracts

The Buzaker Law Firm focuses primarily on representing diverse founders, small businesses and early stage growth companies. We counsel entrepreneurs and companies through all stages – formation, organization, capitalization, expansion and acquisition. We have been industry agnostic with experience in representing growing companies across a wide variety of industries, including technology, financial services, lending, nonprofits, manufacturing and distribution, restaurants, franchising, personal care, staffing and entertainment.

We counsel and advise our clients on the day-to-day as well as their business transaction needs, including:

  • Formation and organizational strategies and documentation
  • Business contracts and commercial transactions of most types
  • Strategic alliances, joint ventures, outsourcing
  • Trademark protection of brands, slogans and logos
  • Investor pitch preparation
  • Crowdfunding, angel and capital raising financing
  • Government contracting
  • Technology licensing
  • Lending transactions
  • Property and equipment leasing transactions
  • Stock option and other equity compensation plans
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Non-profit entity formation, organization and regulation

When you decide to be an entrepreneur and establish your own business, or when you make an effort to expand your established business, you’ll be facing several challenges and risks that you’ll need to safeguard your business from and one of the many risks is the legal and litigation risk, the laws are always changing and evolving in subtle and small ways and you could suddenly end up not complying with laws in case you haven’t made any changes to your business, changes in laws are done due to the changes in certain requirements of the economy and market requirements, and for you as a business proprietor who doesn’t have the legal knowledge and experience, tracking these changes is a tough move to make and that is strictly where the need and importance of a corporate lawyer for your business arises.

A corporate lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in corporate law, corporate legal representatives tend to focus on the legal issues that businesses face, that’s the reason corporate legal representatives in unlike most legal professionals spend short amount of time in the courtroom and their attention is turned toward transactions, corporate lawyers’ main responsibility is to be sure that your business transactions are in compliance with the established laws, the corporate lawyer will be in charge of researching the law applicable to the transactions you undertake and warns you of any negative effects that might derive from such transactions, the organization lawyer will also help you to know your legal rights and duties, what helps you to comply with and perform your duties while also having the ability to know the rights that you should expect to have.

The need for a corporate lawyer for your business is not limited by complying with legal requirements, but having is important in case of the occurrence of disputes, litigation’s, etc., that you’ll need to get ready for beforehand to avoid the opportunity of serious consequences.

Corporate lawyers tend to have various skills, not simply in laws, but also available and finance fields. A corporate lawyer not only understands the legal laws that you should comply with in your transactions, however they are essential for your business as they have a tendency to also understand the consequences on your business that could result from complying with such laws. A corporate lawyer that also offers extensive knowledge of contract law, tax law, securities law, accounting, intellectual property rights, bankruptcy, licensing laws and any special laws that apply to your business is a plus for your business; not just that, but corporate legal representatives have a tendency to be professional writers in their communications what gives your business a good image, plus they likewise have negotiations skills that will assist them to give the best deals and make favorable Buzaker Law firm specializes in business contracts for the growth of your business.

A corporate lawyer is essential for your business in every circumstances, whether you remain establishing your business, or making contracts with suppliers and customers, or expanding your business through the acquisition or merging with others, or even though defending your business rights, so if you wish your business to head in the right direction, don’t hesitate to get the assistance of a corporate lawyer.